About Us

The company<< “СайтМакс” >> (“SiteMax“) was founded in 2007 and specializes in the development of websites and software for organizations and individuals. Due to the quality of the products, the web studio is one of the three leaders of Armenia in this field. The main emphasis of the company is on the convenience and quality of the products.

The main language for programming web projects is PHP. To expand capabilities and ensure high quality, the company uses Zend Framework technology, which makes it possible to use the MVC (Model View Controler) structure and fully complies with OOP (Object Oriented Programming) rules. In the process of working on the software, other programming languages ​​are used, such as JAVA, C #, C ++, depending on the specifics of projects and tasks.

Web studio developed 2 versions of CMS (Content Management System) “SiteMax Maestro” and “SiteMax Aero”, as well as a web system for mass, unique projects such as social networks or large portals that support multimillion visits. These can run anything from a side-project pregnancy blog running SiteMax) all the way to a corporate mega-sites (like MegaToys).

CMS “SiteMax Maestro” is designed for use in the creation of corporate sites, and “SiteMax Aero” when creating medium, small and image sites that are available to the user of any level. After the completion of the work on the production of the product, the customer’s personnel undergoes full training in the use and management of the site or software product.