Sitemax Proudly Supports Forrst Community Web Development

As you probably already know, Forrst was acquired by Zurb and then technically closed in 2014.

This is after several rounds of venture funding, including seed funding, bootstrap/self-funded growth, and M&A Funding during the acquisition. The founder, Kyle Bragger, decided to move the company into Zurb.

Forrst is still a great community for designers and developers of all types, including HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and Full-Stack Developers. Plus hundreds of graphic designers, general programmers, and overall whiz kids.

At sitemax we continue to support all applications developed on the Forrst platform and through the Forrst community.

If you’re looking to work on a project that involved Forrst-developed apps or websites, you can turn to Sitemax to continue the development even after the closure/merger of the original company.

Feel free to contact us at any time and we’ll see what we can do to help!